Readyrig GS Pro Arm

Harnais pour gimbal gyrostabilisé - 18kg
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Le GS + Pro Arm est dédié aux utilisateurs de DJI Ronin 2, MOVI ou autres nacelles gyro-stabilisées spécialement pour des charges allant jusqu'à 18kg

Sur commande : Expédition sous 3 à 21 jours

2495 € HT

2 994,00 € TTC

Vi code : READYRIG-GSP - Id : 1093155

Ready To Go
This package contains the Ready Rig GS with the newly released ProArms preinstalled.

Extended Range
The ProArms can be operated in the locked or unlocked position providing the operator support throughout the systems range.

Durable Design
Made to withstand the elements, these carbon fiber arms are all custom manufactured in the U.S.

Monitor Mount
Stop remounting your monitor for every configuration and always keep it in your line of site.

Increased Payload
Built your camera package how you want because with the new ProArms you can carry up to 40lbs!

  • Original Ready Rig GS
  • PreInstalled ProArm shoulder mounts
  • ProArm telescopic carbon fiber arms