Cuescript CSM Teleprompter Monitor 19"

Moniteur de prompteur LED HD 19'' - HD-SDI
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Le prompteur moniteur LED CSM19 est le plus large écran de prompteur de la gamme. Il offre un confort d'utilisation même en plein jour avec son angle de visualisation de 170° et sa luminosité de 1500nits.
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Vi code : CSM19 - Id : 729184

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The CSM19 is the largest of the CueScript monitor range but maintains the sleek design. Perfect for use with pedestals, box lenses and when the talent are a fair distance from the camera. Features include integrated mounting system, low power consumption, 3 mode power start up, user adjustable LED control panel and LED wrap-around cue lights.

The CueScript range of prompters add style and practicality, resulting in a balance of design for purpose and performance, with ingenuity and quality.

CueScript CSM prompters are incrediblyswift to setup with integrated mountingand our CueLock feature. The CSMmonitors have a sleek, low profile designthat not only looks good, but is robustand durable. Low energy consumptionand 3 modes of power start up mean thatno fans are required. Presenters will seethe difference in CueScript's range ofprompters with high resolution LEDscreens. The built in LED Cue lights havebeen taken to the next level offeringadjustable brightness and 180 degreeviewing with a wrap-around design. Thebenefits of this simple yet hugely effectivedesign will be noticed by all productionteams and talent.

Brightness1500 nits
Contrast Ratio100
Viewing Angle170x160
Back light saverUser selectable timing
Reverse/Rotation4 way picture orientation
Front to Back14.51 (368mm)
Right to Left16.92" (430mm)
Depth2.67" (68mm)
Monitor only Weight11.2lbs/5.1kg
Complete weight with Large Hood, Glass & Mount Purple25.4lbs/11.5kg
Composite 75 Ohms
Looping video output
HD-SDI - Input
HD-SDI - Output
ControlsIlluminated LED push-buttons with adjustable brightness
TimecodeLTC/VITC timecode via the video input
Internal PSUIEC Wide Range
100-264 AC & 150VDC
XLR 4pin 12v
DC 36 Watts
POWER CONSUMPTION3 Mode adjustable power input
Low - 32 Watts
Medium - 36 Watts
High - 45 Watts
Tally DC OutUSB 5V
Tally SensorMini USB Tally Sensor
5-12 Volt Tally input
USB - DC OutMini USB 5V & Tally repeat
4 Pin XLR DC Out12V 36 Watts
MOUNTINGIntegrated 'On-Air' Talent Monitor mounting rails
CueLock mounting system built in.