Cartoni Focus 12 Alu. Ml.

Trépied à tête fluide continue alu simple extension 0-12 Kg
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L'extrême robustesse et la polyvalence ainsi que le rapport de qualité / prix en font le meilleur soutien possible pour les opérateurs de presse et vidéastes.

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Vi code : KF12-1UM - Id : 1108242
The FOCUS 12 Fluid Head is the ideal support for the latest cameras weighing from 0 to 12 Kg (26 lbs). Extremely compact and lightweight, the 12 features a continuously variable fluid damping system on both pan and tilt movements and a unprecedented patented variable counterbalance which brings its range of use to cover all existing ENG cameras.

The 12 Fluid Head comes equipped with a quick release Euro-style sliding camera plate, illuminated spirit level and orientable pan bar. Its tilt angle is +/- 90° with perfect response throughout the entire tilt range.

FOCUS 12 interfaces with all 100mm bowl base tripods and supports. The extreme ruggedness and versatility together with the superior quality/price ratio make the FOCUS 12 the best possible support for News operators and videographers.

Tête Focus 12 - H539
Minimum Payload Capacity 0 kg
Maximum Payload Capacity 12 kg
26 lbs
Weight 2,5 kg
5,5 lbs
Bowl Diameter 100 mm
Fluid Drag Continuous
Counterbalance Continuous
Pan Range 360°
Tilt Range +/-90°
Temperature Range -40°/+60°
Pied - T627
Capacity 50,00 kg
110,2 lbs
Weight 2,5 kg
5,5 lbs
Folded Height 85,00 cm
33,5 "
Maximum Height 141,00 cm
55,5 "
Material Aluminium
Base 100 mm
Minimum Height 76,00 cm
29,9 "
Number of stages 1
tête fluide HF1200, 1 poignée, trépied ENG T627, triangle mi-hauteur S731/QR, embout caoutchouc A857, housse de transport C928