Sachtler FSB 10 ENG 2 MCF

Trépied à tête fluide 4-12kg, carbone double extension
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le FSB 10 est une introduction abordable rotule 100mm et supporte parfaitement les caméras numériques de cinéma tels que le Sony FS7, le C500 de Canon, et Blackmagic Ursa Mini

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Vi code : 1043 - Id : 1032080
Extending the renowned FSB family, the FSB 10 fluid head is a new entry-level 100mm solution for work in news, documentaries, wildlife, and everything in between. Backed by solid German engineering, the FSB 10 is an affordable introduction to the 100 mm class and perfectly supports today's digital cinema-style cameras, such as the Sony FS7, Canon's C500, and the Blackmagic Ursa Mini. With a higher payload than the FSB 8, the FSB 10 allows users to employ a wider range of system configurations using a convenient Sideload interface.
Fluid headFSB 10
TripodENG 2 CF
SpreaderMid-level spreader
Weight6.5 kg
Payload4 - 12 kg
Height range66 - 168 cm
Head fitting100 mm
Transport length89 cm
  • FSB 10 Fluid head (S2045-0001)
  • Tripod ENG 2 CF (5386)
  • Mid-level 100/150 (7007)
  • Padded Bag ENG 2 (9104)