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Noga Holdit NF 9314

Bras magique 112mm - 1/4″-1/4″ - 3kg
Holdit NF 9314
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L'ensemble Holdit offre au photographe une flexibilité optimale et professionnelle maximale choix pendant le tournage.

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108,00 € TTC

90,00 € HT
Vi code : NF9314 - Id : 1108215
Mounted on to whatever size cine or video/DVD camera, Holdit's robust, flexible arm can hold a monitor screen in position, to give you or crew the best view of what the lens is seeing.

It's the perfect tool for the film and TV industry and for video photography, and is engineered to adapt to fit an enormous range of cine/digital or DVD cameras and photographic equipment.

Apart from being raised, lowered, tilted or swung in various directions, Holdit is easily and very swiftly connected to the camera and other accessories, making it an essential accessory for the serious film-maker.

3kg / 6.6lb
Max load
Weight0.314kg / 0.682lb
Bottom length56mm / 2.2 inch
Top length56mm / 2.2 inch
Total length112mm / 4.4 inch
Bottom thread1/4" - 20 Ext
Top thread1/4" - 20 Ext + Nut

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