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Swit S 3812S

Chargeur rapide V-Mount 2 voies simultanées
S 3812S
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Le S-3812 est un chargeur rapide 2 voies avec une intensité max de 6A. Il est équipé d'une sortie d'alimentation et d'un écran LCD vous indiquant l'état de charge de vos batteries.

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Vi code : S-3812S - Id : 925490

Dual-channel Fast Charger - Max charging current: 6A
S-3812S can charge 2 V-mount batteries simultaneously at Max 6A fast charging current, to SWIT particular batteries. The charging speed is quite faster than normal chargers. The following battery models support 6A fast charging:S-8340S, S-8360S, D-8161S And for other batteries, the charging current is 3A

Comparaison du temps de charge

Model de la batterie
Temps de charge normal
6h 20m
9h 30m
7h 40m
4h 45m
7h 40m
8h 30h
Temsp de charge S-3812
2h 35m
3h 50m
2h 55m
3h 25m
5h 05m
5h 55m

AC-DC Adapting Output

S-3812S supports 1-ch AC-DC adapting output via 4-pin XLR port. By S-7102 (4-pin XLR female to male) cable, it can supply 16.8V DC power to the other equipments, Max load 200W/12A.When adapting load is less than 100W, S-3812S can still charge battery simultaneously. (2 batteriessequential)
Remark: S-7102 cable is optional purchased.

Battery-DC Adapting Output
You can also mount batteries onto S-3812S, and output DC power via 4-pin XLR port. By S-7102 (4-pin XLR female to male) cable, it can supply 16.8V DC power to the other equipments, Max load 200W/12A.
Remark: S-7102 cable is optional purchased.

LCD Charging Info Display
S-3812S has an LCD screen to display the real time charging/adapting information, includes:

Battery Charging/Discharging statusReal time capacity and percentageReal time Voltage/CurrentRemaining time to fully chargedRemaining time to fully dischargedBattery cycle timesAdapting output current and power
Remark: The battery info display only available with SWIT digital Li-ion batteries: S-8320S; S-8340S; S-8360S; D-8161S/R. For other non-digital batteries, the charger will only display real time voltage and current.

3-color LED Indicators
S-3812S has the 3-color LED indicators for both 2 channels:Red light slowly flashes: The battery is charging
Red light fast flashes: The battery is about to fully charged
Green light constant: The battery is fully charged
Green light flashes: The battery is adapting output
Orange light flashes: Battery or Charger abnormal alert

Input 100?240VA, 50/60Hz
Power consumption Max 260W
Charging output DC 16.8V, Max 6A×2-ch
Adapting output DC 16.8V, Max 12A
Working temperature 0°C?+40°C
Working humidity 10%?90%
Dimensions 272mm×246mm×97mm
Weight Approx. 1.85kg