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Fujinon XA77 x 9.5 BESM

XA Series / Objectif Box HD EFP 2/3″ 77x avec extendeur 2x
XA77 x 9.5 BESM
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L'objectif XA77xEFP dédié aux concerts et grands évènements sportifs, est équipé du système de stabilisation OS et offre un très bon rapport qualité/prix
Vi code : XA77X9.5BESM-S35 - Id : 1389675

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Fujifilm, with its world-renowned Fujinon brand, offersthe widest range of top-class HDTV Broadcast lensesand accessories and is proud to add another high-end,long tele HDTV Broadcast lens to its impressive productrange.

The XA77x9.5BESM incorporates Fujinon's dustproofand anti-fogging technology. All Fujinon field lenses havea fixed front element that reduces dust contaminationand serves as a protection for the front focus group.A concealed compartment that contains a drying agentreduces fogging in internal lens components due tohumidity.

As standard, the 16-bit optical encoding output provideshigh positioning accuracy in virtual environments.An advanced back focus system on the XA77x allowsmacro shooting from as close as 2.7 m from the object.

The XA77x can also be fully remote controlled via RS-232.The XA77x lens has an improved F-drop at tele sideand offers all the advantages of Fujinon's DIGI POWERfunctions for ease of use. From full servo to full manual,an assortment of operator controls is available. Anothertime- and money-saving feature is the compatibility ofFujinon's unique FIND" diagnostic system.

The new Fujinon EBC coating reduces ghosts and flareand increases light transmission. The XA77x telephotofield lens delivers a visibly sharp and clear image through-out the entire zoom range. This, in combination with thepatented unique Fujinon OS-Tech Optical StabilisationSystem, makes it the perfect choice for large venuesand sports events.

The XA77x HD long tele lens - with stunning specifications at an attractive price!

Format caméra 2/3?
Longueur de focale 1 × 9.5 - 732 mm2 × 19.0 - 1464 mm
Rapport du zoom 77 ×
Doubleur de focale 2 ×
Rapport du zoom pour ouverture relative maximale 1 : 1.7 (9.5 - 335 mm)1 : 3.4 (732 mm)
Minimum object distance (M.O.D.) (from front of lens) 2.7 m
Dimensions de l'objet à la M.O.D., format 16:9 (1x) 9.5 mm 2,425 × 1,363 mm732 mm 32 × 18 mm
Dimensions de l'objet à la M.O.D., format 16:9 (2x) 19 mm 1,241 × 697 mm1,464 mm 16 × 9 mm
Angle de champ de vision, format 16:9 (1x) 9.5 mm 53°34? × 31°41?732 mm 0°45? × 0°25?
Angle de champ de vision, format 16:9 (2x) 19 mm 28°20? × 16°09?1,464 mm 0°23? × 0°13?
Dimension 253 × 253 × 656.4 mm
Poids 22.4 kg
Caractéristiques 16bit encodersOS-TECHF.I.N.D. SystemDust proof and anti-foggingAdvanced back focus
Monture objectif : 2/3"

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