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Logiciel Prompteur Premier
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Pour les applications dans l'education, le corporate et production à petit budget. CueiT Premier a été développé avec une compréhension profonde de ce qu'il est d'être un opérateur rapide.
1375 € HT

1 650,00 € TTC

Vi code : CSPREMKEY - Id : 1054554

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A truly operator and production friendly prompting software has been born! CueiT has been developed with a deep understanding of what it is to be a prompt operator. Having had hands on experience, the development team share a vast knowledge from the studio floor to newsrooms and corporate work alike.

Simplicity of visual content, yet intensely packed with necessary and useful features, all of which can be easily viewed and accessed within the one screen - that was the task we gave ourselves and achieved in CueScript style. CueiT has a very different structure to that of other major prompting software, but upholds a familiar feel that is extremely user friendly.

The powerhouse of the CueiT software is the 'CueB', CueScript's external interface device.

Suitable forEducation, middle market, corporate
OutputVia secondary graphic card output, either direct from PCor Mac, or via a converter e.g. HDMI/DVI/VGA toSDI/Composite.
CueiT Premier Package includes the CueiT Premier license key (dongle)