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Image Engineering LE6 50

LE6 50
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Vi code : ETC-LE6-50 - Id : 25386

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Spherical transparency illuminator 50 W with remote control

The spherical illuminators work on the principle of an integrating sphere.

A light source illuminates the interior of a sphere which is coated with a special white diffuse coating. A plane (measuring window) which usually needs to be small compared to the diameter of the sphere and oriented perpendicular to the incident light is illuminated extremely uniform. Due to our internal design the measuring window can be much bigger.

A special construction allows to dim the light down to approx. 1% of the maximum illumination without changing the color temperature. The color temperature is 3200 K +/- 50 K. Different filters to change the color temperature are available as well as a 50 W and a 100 W version.

The standard test chart size for the illuminators is our D280 format. D240S has the same slide format but a smaller picture format. Therefore it fits without an adapter. For the chart sizes D240 and D205 adapters are available.

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