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Fujinon Cabrio ZK2.5 x 14

Objectif cinéma zoom motorisé 14-35mm T2.9 / PL
ZK2.5 x 14 / Cabrio 14-35 mm
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Le nouveau ZK2.5x14 offre un zoom grand angle couvrant 14-35mm de focale. Il s'agit de la troisième lentille pour caméras cinématographiques, équipé d'un dispositif d'entraînement d'asservissement amovible.
Vi code : ZK2.5X14 SAF / SAM - Id : 493899

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The new ZK2.5x14 offers a wide angle zoom covering 14-35mm focal length. It is the third lens for cinema cameras, equipped with a detachable servo drive unit. The ZK2.5×14 uses the highly adopted 35mm PL mount*1 for cinema cameras, and with its high optical performance, compact body, and weight of a mere 2.9kg*2, it is capable of capturing a variety of visual expressions in many different situations

With the release of the ZK2.5×14, the ZK series line-up consists of wide angle, standard, and telephoto lenses. The ZK2.5×14 is a wide angle zoom lens with a focal length covering from 14 to 35mm, supporting both film and digital cinema cameras. With the latest optical simulation technology and high precision large diameter aspherical elements, it has achieved both high optical performance and a lightweight compact body of 2.9kg. Thanks to high resolution from the center to corner, high image quality without image distortion will be exhibited on the large screens of movie theaters. Additionally, a Macro Function is also standard, allowing for the shooting of subjects as close as 33cm*4, expanding the range of the lens.Specifications

Focal lenght 14 - 35 mm
Zoom rotation 2.5x
T-No. 2.9
Maximum photometric aperture T-No. Iris blades 9
M.O.D (from Image plane) 0.60 m
Object dimensions at M.O.D 0.60 m
Field of view [horizontal x vertical] 14 mm 88°52' x 57°45'
Size diameter x length 114 × 231 mm
Weight 2.9kg w/drive unit
2.4kg w/o drive unit
Monture objectif : PL Mount