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Foton LIT Pro

Support caméscope
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S953 LIT PRO - with new ball head. Neck mounted support designed for wide range of smaller camcorders and photo cameras.

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220,80 € TTC

184,00 € HT
Vi code : S953 PRO - Id : 1486548
Return of the Classic.Original Lit Support is one of our classic products, designed for wide range of users. Now it returns as Lit Pro equipped with brand new ball head, providing even better stability and durability of our product.

Stable and convenient.
Smart design deploying adjustable straps and belly support makes work easier, improving camera stability and eliminating wrist and shoulder fatigue. Ergonomic design provides easy access to all of your camcorder functions.

Good gets better.
Improved ball head increases ease of use and is even more durable. Quick release system with sliding plate is fast and reliable. Two independent fixing knobs are extremely useful for frequent adjusting of camcorder vertical position. Head is also equipped with separate horizontal plane fixing knob.

Durability you will value.
Our shoulder supports are made of light aluminum alloys and esthetic plastics. Shoulder Supports arms are covered with smooth rubber material. Manufacturing process ensures high material endurance and lightness of our product.

Take it with you. Everywhere.
Compact size, lightweight, adjustable length and included carrying bag ? thanks to those factors Lit Pro may be always with you.