Fujinon HA18 x 7.6 BERM

HA Series / Objectif HD Broadcast 2/3″ 18x standard avec extendeur 2x
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Cette objectif zoom standard HD broadcast existe en plusieurs versions
Vi code : HA18X7.6BERM-M - Id : 18579

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HA18 x 7.6 is the HDTV standard lens for all high-definition from broadcast news gathering to studio, various applications equipped with internal focusing and designed using the exclusive optical technology, which optimizes all optical features of the lens. The latest glass materials with high refractive indexes and ultra-low dispersion are used to achieve these objectives. Excellent ramping characteristics combined with minimal ghosting and flare, reduced pumping, minimized longitudinal and lateral chromatic aberrations. The HA18x is a compact light weight lens to cover a wide range of production needs.